Dr. Carolin Lawrence
Machine Learning Research Scientist
NEC Labs Europe
Heidelberg, Germany

I am a senior research scientist in the Machine Learning group of NEC Labs Europe. I work on natural language processing (NLP), graph structured data and making machine-learnt models more interpretable.

From 2014-2018 I was graduate research assistant and PhD student at the Statistical NLP group at the Heidelberg University, supervised by Prof. Dr. Stefan Riezler. During my PhD I worked on Natural Language Processing (NLP) problems, such as machine translation and question-answering, and I explored how reinforcement learning can be applied to these problems.

Research Interests

  • Machine Learning, particularly for graph-structured data and using reinforcement learning
  • Explainable AI: AI should enrich our lives and for this we should work on interpretable, trustworthy and inclusive AI
  • Natural Language Processing, particularly Question-Answering and Information Extraction

Recently, colleagues and I have developed a method to explain the prediction of neural matrix factorization models, which are used for knowledge base completion and recommender systems. You can check out a related talk here:



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